Jimmer Kennedy - August 2020 KIYC Captain of the Month

We have an August Captain of the Month - so proud to receive this nomination of Jim "Jimmer" Kennedy - from his wife, Amber:

Jimmer Kennedy, nominated by his wife Amber and son Jordan, Jimmer is owner/operator of Towboat Marine LLC, Towboat US Sandusky. He began his career in the early 90s at Neuman boat line. And also worked many trips with Interlake Steamship Company.

The waters of Sandusky Bay and Huron has been his fore front for the many salvages he has done over the years including saving vessels that are hard aground, sinking, on the rocks and vessels involved in collisions, as well as the many tows for mechanical breakdowns.

From Car Ferries to Lake Freighters to Tug Boats to Tow Boats, Jimmer has countless hours in the Maritime industry. Jimmer carries a “Master of Towing Vessels” along with a 500 Ton Masters License/1600 Ton Mates License are some of his many credentials.

When he is not on the water, Jimmer enjoys spending time with his family, especially vacationing in Florida in the winter.

From the KIYC Team - thanks Jimmer for always being there to tow boats and assist in rescue efforts!

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